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If you thought Stories Instagram, Whatsapp Messenger Your Day and Status are not enough to expose your personal life on social networks, Facebook introduced Stories and main application for mobile. The new component provides exactly the same functionality to provide a stream of videos and photos for 24 hours, which can be accessed from all friends from the list. Of course, this is just the latest attempt to copy Snapchat, thus limiting the expansion of rival service in regions where Facebook is already more popular.


Facebook Stories waadcazxfafwqwds currently only for users on iOS and Android in Ireland, and the company plans to offer access to other regions in the coming months. Stories like Instagram, Facebook functionality appears above the normal news flow, each user who published a Story during the day is represented as a circle that is framed profile picture.

With this new update, users get access to Facebook Camera, a new component is accessed by swiping from left to right in the news. It provides access to interactive filters similar to those already present in the Facebook Messenger app for mobile. Users can respond to each Story with a “reply” no likes classical and reactions.

Given that Instagram is already 150 million daily users on the platform Stories in just five months, it is likely to draw a number at least as great app for Facebook. Facebook Stories could be a new source of revenue to the company commercials are already integrated into its analog Instagram.

Along with this announcement, Snapchat Hack announced that the company name will change to Snap Inc. The decision to rename the company stressed the ambition to go beyond a simple application with ephemeral messages, a product that is very popular among young people.

In an interview, Evan Spiegel, creator Snapchat, in age for 26 years, said that was his reasoning in creating Spectacles. It was our first holiday and we went to the Big Sur- California- for a day or two. I was walking through the forest, passing over logs and trees looked wonders. And when I came shooting back and looked at her, I could see by their own eye- memory is unbelievable.

It’s one thing to view the image of an experience that you lived it, but it is something else to have an experience of an experience. It was the most intense feeling that told me that I was there.

Last week, Snapchat has released some limited information about how the glasses will work. Video sequences will be saved in a new format, circular, which can be viewed in any orientation, the company said. They also said the device’s battery will last one day.

A light on the front indicates that the register glasses. Before confirmation from Snap Device magazine Business Insider audiences; a promotional video showing glasses.

Spectacles will remind many of Google glasses, a failed attempt to search engine giant to create intelligent glasses.

While Google glasses came into the hands of developers from around the world-at a price of $ 1,500 / pair – device was not even close to becoming one consumer. The company eventually stopped developing glasses, but insisted that the idea did not die.

Although they had problems on the hardware side, probably the main defect was public perception. Most saw this technology as troubling because invade privacy. And in the best case, some said that they are a disaster in terms of aesthetics.

But Spectacles with a much lower cost and probably their adoption by influential celebrities, they have the opportunity to be seen cooler than Google Glass.  Snap Inc invention does not treat it as a piece of hardware intelligence, but as a fun toy with limited distribution.

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