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How much does Pokemon Go earn

Nintendo gave one of the biggest hits of any company! From a company located in a very difficult situation, Nintendo has made a cultural phenomenon Pokemon Go! And the game was released on July 6 only in the US, New Zealand and Australia! What is Pokemon Go? So, it is a free game for smartphone, based on GPS that uses the camera and augmented reality. Although it can be downloaded for free, users can make in – app purchase.


The game allows users to capture, send to fight and train Pokemon that appear in the real world. Actions of Nintendo rose by over 22$ in just few days,  it means 7.5 billion dolars. IT quickly became the most downloaded application in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Also, the game has his controversial side. Application was used in Missouri by robbers to lure a person into a place and to plunder.


And a user discovered a body while searching for a pokemon. Nintendo owns but only 33% of the Pokemon franchise and will receive 30% of the revenue from the game. The developer is Niantic and the game represents a threat to information security. That’s because Niantic keep users data, and if they log on to the account of Google, a possible hacker attack on Niantic would give them acces to user data.

Niantic launches bracelet Pokemon Go Plus

For fans who love the game Pokemon Go, we must say that Pokemon Go Plus bracelet helps you to catch Pokemon easier. Pokemon Go Plus is a smart accessory that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and is available for sale from September.

The accessory will apparently cost about 40$, enough for a game that is free, but considering that you will not have to remove your smartphone from your pocket you can play, maybe even worth the investment. Pokemon Go Plus announces when a Pokemon are close, both with lights and vibration. Players will be able to catch pokemon with the push of a button and will continue to go, promises Niantic. Plus connects to the phone like a fitness device. Pokemon Go Plus lets you know when you are near a PokeStop, special locations marked on the map where you can get eggs-items and Pokemon.

Accessory vibrates when you’re in range of a PokeStop. Another feature of Pokemon Go Plus is catching Pokemon without necessarily removing the phone from your pocket. If a Pokemon is near, the LED will turn on the device, and this time you can take a PokeBall only using the accessory, if successful, it vibrates when you catch Pokémon. This works only if you have been caught in that type of Pokemon, unfortunately, you can not catch a new pokemon using Pokemon Go Plus. Since it was announced, all preorders available for Pokemon Go Plus have already been purchased, and now they provide unauthorized seller on sites like eBay and at a price three times higher.


Design of Pokemon go Plus is similar to that of a PokeBall and lets you keep your phone in your poket a good part of the time. The device is programmed to vibrate when you are near a PokeStop, or when a Pokemon is around.

Because players can know exactly what is on the ground, Pokemon Go Cheats not only vibrates, but also illuminates in different colors depending on what you around. The device has a single button that players can use to collect objects from a PokeStop, but also to try to catch a Pokemon.


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