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How are built satellites?

Satellite is one of the most interesting facts that you want to discuss with the utmost curiosity. Truly, it is one of the most amazing inventions of the technology. A key feature of a satellite is to move around a planet or a star. Now the earth and the moon are the two satellites because the earth moves around the sun and the moon moves round the earth.  But you are discussing the artificial satellite or the man-made satellite. The first artificial satellite was launched in 1957.


It was launched by the Soviet Russia, and the name of the satellite is Sputnik 1. Now, after this first satellite, many other satellites have already been launched by different countries. And every time the technology is modified and the satellite is equipped with more advanced technology. Currently, all the modern satellites are packed with the most advanced equipment.

Now with the increasing modification of the technology, the curiosity of the people is also increasing rapidly. Presently, a million dollar question is how the satellites are built? For a common man or an ordinary person, it is truly very difficult to gather information regarding the satellite. But with the present condition, it is also necessary to know some basic information regarding the building of the satellite.

The basic facts regarding the building of the satellite:

The first and the most important fact is there are some core components necessary to build a satellite.

The components to build a satellite:  The components are an antenna, a computer and a chip with a mobile operating system, a power system and obviously a radio transmitter. Also, sensors are very necessary to activate the system of the satellite.

Creation of the structure:  Now the basic thing that should be remembered is to create a structure of the satellite. A structure can tell you the facilities that you can include in the satellite. Even it can explore the options regarding the placement of the power panel and the transmitter. Even you can identify the place of the satellite where you can add the antennas.

About the Rocket:  Now it is necessary to discuss the components, but before that you have to arrange a rocket or you can buy one. It is obvious that without a rocket you can’t launch a satellite. The rocket is the ultimate device that can put the satellite in its required location, and it can even help to carry the satellite into the right place of the orbit.

About Antenna:  Antenna is the most necessary part of the satellite, which helps to receive signals from the earth. Actually, the antenna is the key part to creating a strong signal base of the satellite.

About the power panel:  After the antenna as already mentioned the most important part of the satellite is the power panel. A power panel means a system that supports the storage of the solar power. In space, solar energy is the key source of electricity.

About the transmitter and the sensors:  Apart from these two parts another very essential parts are the transmitter and the sensors. Transmitter helps to send signals from space to the earth. And sensors help to analyze the information collected from the space.

So, these are the basic elements that are necessary to build a satellite.

How important are the satellites?

It is truly a daunting task to lead a life without the help of modern technology. And there are several things or products that are truly very helpful directly or indirectly in our everyday lives. One such thing is the satellite. Here satellite means the artificial satellite or the man-made satellite. The key feature of a satellite is to move round of a planet or a star of the universe or the solar system. From 1957 till today, many satellites are launched in the space. And every satellite contains a specific mission. Different satellites solve different purposes. The key fact regarding a satellite is it provides several benefits, and every benefit is related to human life. That means satellite has a great importance of human life. This can help you find out more about how the satellites.

The importance of the satellite:

Provides weather information: 

The most important task of a satellite is to provide information about the atmosphere of the earth. That means through a satellite you can collect the information regarding the weather of the earth. Proper images and proper analysis provided by the satellite can explore much unknown information earlier about the weather, like the storm, the rain, and other natural phenomena.

Explore information about marine life: 

Satellites can discover many amazing facts about the marine life and simultaneously can monitor the marine life. With the help of the satellites, scientists can identify the activities in the ocean. They can understand the atmospheric effect in the ocean. Recently the Marine scientists have discovered a lot of mysterious facts regarding coral reef from the images provided by the satellites.

Provides information regarding different parts of the world: 

It is earlier mentioned that different satellites perform different tasks like some satellites monitor the ocean, the glaciers, the forests and even the environmental pollution. These satellites mainly observe the total changes of the condition on the earth. Now the information regarding the changes can help the emergency authority of several countries to take precautions very easily.

Detect the underground mineral and water resources: 

One very important activity that a satellite can perform is that can properly detect the water and the mineral resources of the earth. That means the condition of the underground mineral and water can be easily measured by the satellite. Even it can measure the temperature on earth.

Analyze the movement of the river: 

Currently, some countries of the Asian continents use the satellite imaging system to detect the erosion of the river. And it is so vital that it can provide you very important information regarding the movement of the river, and it ultimately helps to save the human lives.

GPS system:

The GPS system is the best example to indicate the importance of the satellites. Now you can easily contact a person living in a remote place through satellites and with the GPS system you can locate your actual position on earth. Even you can locate a specific area while traveling in an unknown place.

Works as spy: 

Some satellites are used as spy satellites by some countries. Now it is true that this fact is a part of the strategies of some super power countries. So, the above points reveal the importance of the satellites.

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