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Match Book Drive

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This year, 2017, RIM has tried to emulate him. First, he left the name RIM and took the name Blackberry, and then, with the Blackberry Q10, a smartphone hybrid with keyboard and touchscreen launched the new Z10, the third full-touch phone in the history of this company. For a brief moment, made us think that looks pretty good with an iPhone on many questions is even better that his opponent, Apple. For BlackBerry, this Z10 is a challenge and an attempt to return the top mobile phone and first impressions make us confident that something will happen.

Along with a new operating system, BlackBerry 10, this phone has managed to combine both elegance and reliability business for BlackBerry users, and segment more playful by those who have a phone super fun, clips and movies to a good resolution, good pixel density, All want to play minutes without feeling the need to move in front of a TV with a console in the arms. With a length of 140 mm, a width of 65.6 mm, a thickness of 9 mm and a weight of 140 grams, the BlackBerry Z10 is packaged in a small plastic alloy aluminum cut at the Cornesrs and elegantly finished for the phone feel of the award.
The power button is similar to the iPhone, but in the middle, the volume buttons are located sideways and work great when the phone is held in the hand. It would have been amazing, because BlackBerry shows misfires only in keys. Speakers are another aspect to this phone that has attracted the attention of specialized websites, it is similar to the iPhone. Sound quality is good, you can listen to music, you can watch movies without the need for 5.1 speakers around you to feel. However, we talk about a mobile phone speaker, as if it were frugal. Once unfolded phone case, we can see behind a battery of 1800 mAh, and a slot that is very useful for a microSD card up to 32GB, which along with a 16GB memory provides ample a user to your movies, albums Want to fill And favorite games without sacrificing anything.
We are not sure what kind of game you can play on BlackBerry, but I know for sure that on this phone Clash Royale can run. I’ve seen that on my cousin, he plays a lot of clash royale hack deutsch. In this game, you are often attacked when you are not active.

The secret is that these attacks represent a chance for you. When you look at the list of defeats, you can revenge yourself when you attack. This is a great advantage because before you decide whether to attack or not, you have the opportunity to see the player village, the level and range of defensive and peaceful obviously you can build an attack plan. They can also check the amounts of resources it holds. The recommendation is to follow especially those who attack with only a few troops because they are suspected of having great resources. If an opponent is protected, please check again later.

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